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All fees must be paid directly to the escort within the first ten minutes of the booking .

The hourly rates for each Escort lady can be found on her individual page and on her tour schedule. Our ESCORT AGENCY Escort rates are competitively priced and therefore are non-negotiable.

Please note that you must pay the FULL fee for the time slot that you have pre-booked To the ESCORT AGENCY Regrettably those clients who change their minds and wish to reduce the number of hours after the booking has started will be charged the full fee.

Failure to pay the full amount will result in permanent blacklisting in Escort Agency. London Girls Escort

ESCORT AGENCY Traveling expenses

Traveling expenses are charged separately.

They include airfares and taxi charges.


We require a deposit of %30 to 40% of the meetings rate + travel expense.

You down payment need to reach us at least 3 days before meeting, so that we can ensure proper issuing of the tickets and other related expenses. The remaining amount is to be paid directly to the lady.

We are using WESTERN UNION for money transfers for our ESCORT AGENCY payments.

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Getting the Best Possible Deal for London Escort Service & London Escorts Agency

For those who are planning to travel in London, there are a lot of options that you can avail to have a guided trip. One of the most sought after travel services is to hire someone who will escort you around the city. There are firms that specialize in Limo service. They are the ones who have superior cars that are ideal for a well known personalities visiting London. You have to remember that making a reservation is ideal to avoid conflicts. Some of the automotive rental agencies have more than one client a day so it is better to arrange the trip ahead so that you can also be aware regarding the additional charge.
Aside from that, you can also get the ideal deal when it comes to limo service. If you are looking for a couple of suggestions for this trip, you may search through the internet. You have to know about budgeting as well as reserving. Speak to their staffs about the location, costs, special rates and particular offers. These are the concerns that you should look out for and what you should not neglect too. The escort that you can hire will lead you to the city’s attraction with their busy or private cars.
Are you interested to hop for tours while you are in London? If you do, then it would be useful to hire for a London based escort so that you will be able to examine the certain details of the city. This escort will be tasked to guide the travelers going to a certain attraction. Aside from that, he or she will also mention facts and stories about the city which you might be interested to learn. This hop off type of tour is interesting. If possible, you would even wish to avail the open type of top bus because it provides you the ideal tour as possible.
Normally, the tourists can avail the package with an exceptional choice value. This opportunity can lead you for a wonderful day of sightseeing. It is also possible that you would like to avail two days of a guided tour package. Well, this is okay and would bring you a truly remarkable adventure experience. Not only will you get the chance to see the wonderful attractions within the city but you can also get the information from the instruction guide. This escort will be the one to unearth the city stories and facts such as the landmarks that you see in the district.
London is a popular city all over the world because of the theaters, night clubs and bars there. Aside from that, there are also various tourist destinations that one can see there. The Fabric is one of the well known nightclubs in London and it can cater about 1,600 number of clients. This is usually packed during Fridays because they have live events. There is also the Ministry of Soung that can be seen in the Southwark. Now, there are cases wherein you have to meet well known personalities in there. If you wanted to feel confident going to such a place, you can ask someone to go together with you as your partner. But what happens if you do not know a lot of people in London? Well, the solution there is simple. There are companies that provide escort services to people.
The role of the escorts is that they can accompany you during the gathering or parties. They understand that it is their job to let you feel comfortable during the said event. The escorts can also guide you if you wanted to tour around the city. It would be better to tour together with them since they understand the place well since they are staying in London themselves. London Escort & London Escorts
Hiring a London escort may be easier nowadays because of the help of internet. However, knowing if they are trustworthy is another thing. You still have to be very careful not to be ripped off and you should take precaution too. If you are a woman and you wanted to get into an event with a partner, you may need for the service of a London escort. This is most especially if you cannot ask someone you know personally. It is a relief that there are already trusted escort services in London that you can rely to. Aside from that, this type of service is also helpful for those who wanted to see different sights in London. London Escort & London Escorts
As a tourist who prefer to visit various destinations in London, the escort can actually guide you towards getting into that place. After all, the city of London boasts various landmarks and there are about 300 languages that are spoken in this place. It would be better if you have someone who understands the local better. This capital of England was chosen to be the summer Olympic host during the year 2012 so you can guarantee that there are a lot of things that you can see. Your guide or escort can share to you the interesting history about the place.

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